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Youth Engagement at the
UNEP Working Group on Nitrogen

Mandated by the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA), the UNEP Working Group on Nitrogen was established in response to the implementation of UNEA Resolution 4/14 on 'Sustainable Nitrogen Management.' Subsequently, the mandate of the Working Group was expanded to address the second resolution on sustainable nitrogen management (UNEA Resolution 5/2) and to facilitate its implementation by Member States and stakeholders. Find more HERE!

Nitrogen pollution poses a significant environmental challenge, impacting climate, air and water. Youth involvement is crucial in addressing this issue, as they play a vital role in promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness. Encouragingly, national action plans, as emphasized by UNEA resolutions, offer a framework for countries to reduce nitrogen waste significantly and mitigate nitrogen pollution. Engaging youth meaningfully in the formulation and implementation of these plans can foster innovation and ensure a more sustainable and inclusive approach towards addressing global nitrogen pollution challenges.

CYMG Chemicals, Waste and Pollution Working Group has actively been facilitating the engagement of youth advocates and experts in the discourse of the UNEP Working Group on Nitrogen since its fourth meeting, demonstrating a sustained commitment to involving young voices in the discussion

Preparation for the Fifth Meeting of UNEP Working Group on Nitrogen

A preparatory meeting was convened virtually on 4 January 2024 (Thursday) for the youth participants to the upcoming Fifth Meeting of the UNEP Working Group on Nitrogen and other interested individuals to:

- Develop capacity on UNEP's work and UNEA resolutions on Nitrogen 

- Analyse the outcomes of previous meetings of the UNEP Working Group on Nitrogen

- Review the UNEP documents prepared for the fifth meeting 

- Brainstorm CYMG's policy position on nitrogen pollution

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