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Sustainable Finance Youth Coalition (SFYC)

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Youth constituencies formed a coalition to engage in international sustainable financial governance

The Sustainable Finance Youth Coalition, launched at COP28, aims to promote sustainable finance practices and raise ambition in policies while encouraging collaboration among various stakeholders and advocating for youth participation in decision-making processes.

The coalition will also focus on raising awareness about sustainable finance and advocating for change within the finance industry, providing educational resources and capacity building to young people and finance professionals to help them better understand sustainable finance and how it can be implemented.

Watch the Session: SFYC Launching at COP28 >>

Convened by

The SFYC currently comprises representatives of the following youth constituencies while providing a universal engagement for all youth and youth-led organizations in the space:


  • Children and Youth Major Group to UNEP 


  • Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network

SFYC White Paper

The White Paper, launched at UNEA-6, discusses the importance of sustainable financial systems as an enabling framework for the just transition. It makes the case for a global financial system reform that duly accounts for the concept of intergenerational justice. This paper is an invitation to stakeholders and financial institutions alike to engage, collaborate, and expand the frontiers of a transformation justice agenda in sustainable financial systems.

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