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United Nations Environment Management Group

About EMG

The United Nations Environment Management Group (EMG) is a coordination body that brings together various UN agencies and organizations working on environmental issues. Its primary goal is to enhance cooperation and coordination among these entities to ensure a more effective and coherent response to environmental challenges at both global and national levels. 

The EMG was established in 1999 pursuant to General Assembly resolution 53/242 as recommended by the Secretary-General in his report on Environment and Human Settlements (A/53/463). It is chaired by the Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and supported by a secretariat provided by UNEP. 

Youth Engagement at EMG Process

Children and Youth Major Group (CYMG), standing as the designated official engagement mechanism for children and youth in the negotiations of UNEA, CPR and other UNEP processes, embodies a pragmatic and influential role within these critical processes.

CYMG strategically established a Policy Coordination Group (PCG) that focuses on key policy issues, serving as a channel for gathering the perspectives of children and youth worldwide. This involves comprehensive consultations to assess their opinions on the subjects under negotiation. The culmination of these insights is then distilled into formal policy interventions/statements, meticulously crafted to articulate the collective stance of the younger generation. These interventions/statements are submitted in verbal and written formats through UNEP, augmenting the discourse with informed and impactful perspectives.

Through PCG, the youth constituency nominates a dedicated group of representatives to actively participate in CPR meetings. This presence underscores the commitment to translating the opinions and aspirations of children and youth into tangible influence within these esteemed platforms. By doing so, CYMG stands as a formidable advocate, ensuring that the voices of the younger generation echo prominently in the decisions and actions taken at the highest levels of environmental governance.

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