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Webinar | Empowering Tomorrow: Safeguarding Children and Youth from Chemicals, Waste, and Pollution

CYMG Chemicals, Waste and Pollution Working Group

Road to a Future Science-Policy Panel to Contribute Further to the Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste and to Prevent Pollution

Watch the recording HERE!


In March 2022, the United Nations Environment Assembly, at its resumed fifth session (UNEA-5.2), decided to establish a science-policy panel to further contribute to the sound management of chemicals and waste and to prevent pollution.

Through its resolution 5/8, UNEA further decided to convene, subject to the availability of resources, an ad hoc open-ended working group (OEWG) to prepare proposals for the science-policy panel, to begin work in 2022 with the ambition of completing it by the end of 2024.

The first session of the OEWG was held in two parts. The first part of the session (OEWG 1.1) took place in Nairobi in a hybrid format, with online participation, on 6 October 2022, and the resumed first session (OEWG 1.2) took place in Bangkok from 30 January until 3 February 2023. The second session of the OEWG (OEWG 2) took place in Nairobi in person from 11 - 15 December 2023. The third session of the OEWG will be held at the International Conference Center in Geneva (CICG), Switzerland, from 17 to 21 June 2024. The meeting will be preceded by informal, regional and stakeholder consultations on 16 June 2024 at the same venue.

Chemicals, waste, and pollution pose significant threats to human health and the environment, particularly impacting vulnerable populations such as children and youth. As we navigate the complexities of environmental governance, there is a critical need to establish a science-policy panel to enhance the management of chemicals and waste and to mitigate pollution effectively. To pave the way for constructive discussions this webinar aims to explore the impact of chemicals and waste, and the potential role the future panel can play to address the current challenges. 


  1. Raise awareness about the adverse effects of chemicals, waste, and pollution on children and youth, especially those in vulnerable situations.

  2. Foster dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders, including children, youth, researchers, advocates, and practitioners, to explore innovative solutions.

  3. Provide insights and recommendations to inform the establishment of a science-policy panel dedicated to addressing these challenges effectively.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Increased understanding of the intersectionality between chemicals, waste, and pollution and their impact on children and youth.

  2. Identification of key priorities and strategies to mitigate the adverse effects and promote sustainable management practices.

  3. Contribution to the policy position of the CYMG for the upcoming Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) negotiations.

Run of the Show:

Moderator: Enkhuun Byambadorj, Chemicals, Waste and Pollution WG, CYMG

Opening of the session
  • Nalini Sharma, Secretariat of the OEWG on a Science-Policy Panel on Chemicals, Waste and Prevention of Pollution, UNEP

  • Laetitia Zobel,

    Civil Society Unit, Governance Affairs Office, UNEP

  • Zuhair Ahmed Kowshik,

    Children and Youth Major Group to UNEP

Overview of the OEWG SPP process and CYMG’s proposals for the future SPP
  • Aseel Abo-Taleb, Chemicals, Waste and Pollution Thematic Facilitator, CYMG

  • Olga Skaredina, Science-Policy Thematic Facilitator, CYMG

Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals and Children’s Rights Violations
  • Suzanne Astic,

    Policy and Advocacy Adviser on Children’s Rights and Chemicals, Child Rights International Network (CRIN)

Examining the Impact and Health Consequences of Chemicals, Waste, and Pollution Exposure on Children and Youth: Insights from Youth Practitioners
  • Sonia Buftheim,

    Co-Chair, IPEN Youth Caucus | Toxics and Zero waste Senior Officer-Nexus3 Foundation 

  • Tuyana Norboeva, Project Manager, Eco-Accord

  • Fithriyyah, Medical Doctor & Environmental Health Activist

Q&A and Closing of the Session

Find more about CYMG's engagement with the OEWG SPP Process: 

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