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The Largest Youth-led Planetary Event Is Here!

Registrations Open for Virtual Participation

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The global Youth Environment Assembly is a collective youth participation in the processes of environmental governance in the UN system, that is facilitated through the Children and Youth Major Group. 

The constituency hosted two virtual Youth Environment Assembly (YEA) - YEA in June 2020, and in Feb 2021 in the run up to the UNEA 5.2. The YEA in Feb 2021 was described by the UN as the planet’s largest youth-led environmental event on the planet, bringing together thousands of youth organisations and advocates on the topics of environmental governance and conservation. The youth constituency further comprises thematic and regional working groups following respective topics, thereby providing an inclusive and open space for youth to engage and partake in multilateral processes.

Youth Environment Assembly 2022 edition, will be held based out of Nairobi, Kenya, from February 19-20th and 25th-27th 2022 in a hybrid format with the overarching message of #ThePowerInYOUth. The Assembly will also feature the the part one of the Stockholm+50 Youth Assembly between 25-26th. The global youth will be able to participate both in person and online. They will be accompanied by stakeholders committed to youth engagement. Registrations for virtual participation are now open!

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Reserva Nacional de Masai Mara Kenia
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Kenyan Based In-Person Participation 

now closed!
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International Self-funded In-Person Participations

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YEA 2022


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Online Registrations

further details coming soon, meanwhile follow us on the social media channels below!

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